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Services and Fees

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This appointment - by Face-to-Face, Telephone, or Video - is the first (or only) step in your therapy and must be completed before any follow-up sessions can be booked. After the appointment you will be sent a Report on the causes of the problem, and a full Treatment Plan to begin resolving issues straight away.

Appointments last 50 minutes

At the Office

This appointment - by Telephone only - is designed to provide fast information on the causes of and treatments for sexual problems.

Your therapist will conduct a brief assessment and advise you on appropriate treatments and whether further appointments may be beneficial

Appointments last 20 minutes

Life coaching

All face-to-face appointments are held at the South Side Centre, Causewayside, Edinburgh

Appointments last 50 minutes

Desk Telephone

Your therapist will telephone or video at the selected date and time

Appointments last 50 minutes