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Nicholas Malone Sex Therapist

What happens in Sex Therapy?

Initial Assessment


Psychosexual Therapy can be a single or multiple appointments. The first (or only) appointment can be an Initial Assessment session where your therapist will listen carefully and then discuss the physical, psychological, and social factors which are causing your problem, and how you can begin to have better experiences.

You will then receive a Report (summarising the reasons for your problem) and a Treatment Plan, detailing how you can begin to resolve your problem.

The Treatment Plan might involve physical treatments you can practice at home (alone or with a partner), medical treatments, psychological treatments, lifestyle changes, or any combination of the above.

Although many clients will go on to have Follow-Up appointments, for others it is enough to have an Initial Assessment session and have gained a better understanding of their problem and the best treatment plans available.

Follow-Up appointments

Additional appointments are often useful in sex therapy. These might be to gather further information or start and develop your treatments. 

Research tells us that many clients attend only one or two sessions of therapy in order to feel they have sufficient information to experience better sexual outcomes.

However, there are also clients who decide to have further therapy sessions to explore the problem and feel more comfortable and secure about their treatment and progress.


The number of sessions taken for clients to feel that a sexual problem has improved is very variable - in our experience anything from 1 to 10 or more - but the most common number of sessions required is one or two.

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